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January 28, 2010

After debating for a long time over if and how, I am very excited to have this blog up and running.

My sincere thanks to my sister, Parisa, for encouraging me in pretty much all I do, but specifically, for her support in making this blog a reality.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany 2009

Meet the Blogger> Halleh Tehranifar

Without trying new things, our lives become stale and we gradually wither away as a result. The hardest parts: taking the first step and not being intimidated by the fear of failure. Even if things go sour, the experience itself is priceless; and ultimately makes all of it worthwhile.

A lot of people asking me about my travels are less impressed by what I see and more with why I travel. “Was it for business? Did you know anyone there? Did you plan it all by yourself? Why did you go there? Weren’t you nervous about being so far away? Didn’t you get sick? Did you eat the food?”  People are more intimidated by traveling to other countries than most anything else. I am not sure exactly why. Is it more about personal safety and security? Is it the language barrier? Are they afraid of being taken advantage of? I have traveled for 15 years and not once have experienced a major disaster. Well, I did get sick once or twice. Then again, I get sick at home, too. It is all about mind over everything else. If you don’t concentrate on little pain or physical discomfort; it is amazing how much better you feel instantly. Common sense, an open mind and some humor are all you need to travel happily and successfully. No kidding, no exaggeration! Language is really never a barrier. Body language and talking slowly in any tongue would make you understood. I plan all my travels independently and by myself. It takes some effort and time; but don’t most things in life require the same?  Traveling can be done on any budget with anyone or no one. If joining an organized tour is the only way for some to travel, that is fine too. There are so many choices available for traveling semi-independently now. The goal is to see new places, experience different foods and cultures and hopefully, come back with a little bit more than we left with. I am not talking about souvenirs, even though they are great too. I mean to learn and implement what we liked in our daily lives. Getting to see other countries and people is the fastest and surest way to get rid of misconceptions and prejudices.

So, I would be writing soon about my travels. I have just come back from visiting India and probably my first travel post would be about this amazing country and its people. I have fabulous photos to share. So, come back soon. Also, you can add your email on the right side bar to be notified of new posts.

I had to put my knitting on hold to start this blog. My apologies to my little sister, Parto, for the delay in completing her birthday gift. I try to make it exceptionally pretty.

For now, be well.

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