I have always been the notorious one in the family in love with celebrating my birthday. I usually start advertising the arrival of my birthday a few weeks in advance and continue the countdown to the actual day. No wonder those close to me celebrate the end of my birthday.

I have gotten much better over the years though. These days,  I mostly care about the gifts.

P1120815 P1120816 This year My husband, Soheil, decided to “copy” me. He had a smaller birthday last Friday and asked for a larger one.  P1120879

I did not have time to throw a real feast. Instead, I decided to keep it easy and simple.

I made a liver and veggie pate the day before to serve as appetizer. For main course, I went with a simple Beef Stroganoff served over healthy whole wheat noodles and a nice bowl of colorful Salad. Threw in a whole wheat organic baguette and voila- dinner was served.

After everyone gobbled down the food and Susan (best friend/3rd sister) washed the dishes; we moved to the entertainment part:

Our 2nd Annual Cake Eating Contest

2009-03- Cake Eating Contest (6) 2009-03- Cake Eating Contest (2)

Cake Eating Contest 2009

2009-03- Cake Eating Contest (4) 2009-03- Cake Eating Contest (5)

We had the 1st Contest last year for Norooz (Iranian New Year). The girls(my nieces) asked me to have it again for Soheil’s Birthday and so we did. The 2010 Cake Eating Contest was composed of 4 teams of 2 partners each, a feeder and an eater. 2 teams were led by 2 adults –Mike and Majid and 2 kids: Neda(8) and Arman(almost 6). Arman went solo again this year- he fed himself.




It was lots and lots and lots of fun.

Neda blamed being second on not liking the jam-filled cake and her mom for buying it. My “five & 3/4 years old” -as he likes to be called- nephew was upset to be in the third place, but happy to win over his father.

Try this activity on your next family gathering and share your experience here. E-mail a couple of pictures, too.

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