We had the first fabulously perfect Sunday of the season in the NY/NJ area yesterday.

Picture it:  Sunny, Mild, Birds Chirping, Snow Melting… All this after weeks of cold weather and two major snow storms… You can imagine how precious it was to have a day like yesterday!

You ask: So how did you spend this glorious day?

Well, I started it with a nice cup of coffee served by my super nice husband, followed by an egg salad sandwich, made just the way I like it. Then my sister, parto, picked me up and we had a leisurely drive to Brooklyn where we met up with our super cute brother, Reza.

You Say: How nice! A family get-to-gether on a beautiful day, wondering about the city and possibly having a nice lunch at a favorite cafe.

Nexxxt! Dreamy but not true. We spent the entire day (and I mean the entire day) cleaning, painting and fixing our “family apartment”.

Here’s the proof:

By the time we were done (9 pm), the sun was no longer shining. After a day full of “siblings’ jokes and nagging” paired with intense and not-really-liking-it work; we loaded the car and dragged our hunched over, tired and pained bodies back home.

So, this is the story of my not-so-fabulous Sunday.

p.s. We did squeeze in some fun and laughter. There is a bit of exaggeration in describing the intensity of work performed- but it is my story and am sticking to it!

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4 Comments for this entry

  • studmeister says:

    wot? no mention of the male slaving (i.e apt. preparation) session the day before (Saturday)! That s my sassy snapback…

    • livingamused says:

      Well, if you mean caulking, we had to redo part of it on Sunday.
      Your work is totally appreciated, but I would hardly classify it under “slaving”, Studmeister!

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  • Parisa says:

    sorry I couldn’t be there to help. I was too busy falling on my … learning to ice skate

    • livingamused says:

      No worries… You were on “kids duty”.

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