“There is no right way to knit; there is no wrong way to knit.”

I came across this quote by the mother of all knitters, Elizabeth Zimmermann, and had to pause and reflect a bit. It is a simple but a very meaningful statement.

Here is what it means to me: what and how we knit- the difficulty level, the style, the yarn…none is important. What is essential is the act of knitting. Knitting on its own is the motivation, the beginning, the process and the finish.

I think that is why many knitters perpetually knit only scarves or hats; while others seek constant advancement by trying to knit new styles and learn more techniques. We all want to knit- some have the patience and resources to do more complicated or variety of projects, others need simplicity or repetition to keep on knitting. We, the knitters, all yearn and struggle to fit knitting into our daily lives. Why? Knitting is part of us, one of the good parts.

Knitting is many things all packed in one: It is a hobby, a diversion, it is gratifying, amusing and can be even spiritual. It is unreal how the same hands that wash dishes, dust the table and type away on a keyboard can work in such a marvelous harmony and weave amazing stuff out of a ball of yarn. Truthfully, just looking at someone knit is hypnotic and inspiring.

So, the lesson here is to knit away, whatever, however- just make sure you knit often.

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  • Parisa says:

    Does this mean I am not obligated to try a new technique this Friday? Hope Aurelia is reading this.

    • livingamused says:

      Nop. It means you don’t HAVE TO like/use the technique. But since you are attending a class, you HAVE TO learn it.

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