Pacific Northwest-ing

May 14, 2010

Today, Soheil and I are flying to Portland, Oregon and on monday, will drive to Seattle, Washington. The poor guy will be mostly busy with business meetings and such.
As for me, I have not planned on anything, except having fun. I usually do plan a good deal of my trips in advance or have a good idea of what I would be doing. Not this time…going wild :)

This would be my first time in Portland and have heard good things about this supposedly “relaxed” town. On the other hand, I have been to Seattle a number of times. My husband’s aunt and cousin have made Seattle their home for a long time now. In fact Soheil lived with them for a short time while studying at Seattle University. They are very dear to us and we are looking forward to seeing them.
Unfortunately, we have less than 48 hours in Seattle. Too short! Although, sometimes we make the best use of our time when we don’t have too much of it.
I will try to do a quick post or two during my trip using my Blackberry.
Hoping for Seattle to greet me with the gift of Sun (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood- simultaneously)…

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