The Annual Yard Sale

June 22, 2010

How did you spend your weekend?
I spent the Saturday participating in our annual Yard Sale ritual. My sisters and I thought of doing a combined Yard Sale a few years back without knowing it would fast become a family tradition.
Each year, the adults put together their “absolutely too good to throw away” stuff and the kids gather those “too old/don’t want it anymore” toys and books. We then spend almost an entire Saturday offering them for a price to strangers and neighbors while reminiscing over where, when, how and WHY we bought this one or that.

I make the best looking “Yard Sale” signs in the entire neighborhood (for real) and do a drive-by run with my sister, Parto, the night before the big event to post them. We try to tag everything in advance (although we usually end up tagging a lot on the spot), get everything over to Parto’s house (with the best pedestrian and car traffic) and then spread them around for general public’s viewing pleasure. 😆  We try to arrange everything neatly and as tastefully as we possibly can. Don’t want to be shabby, after all.

Kids get the prime location: the Lawn, under the generous shade of the big old tree. They put their stuff over a blanket and spend the day re-reading books and re-playing with toys they are to part with. Last minute change of minds do happen from time to time. We also trade amongst ourselves and sometimes even spot gifts we gave one another, now shamelessly being “garage sold”. 😳

My eldest niece, Roya helps a great deal with everything from going on sign posting to tagging, arranging, bagging, etc. All in the family help to make this a successful and an enjoyable event.

At the end of the day, everyone including the kids get their share of income. The young ones already know exactly what new stuff they will be buying.

We had a good weather this year. Although, not as busy as usual, we did sell most of our stuff and the rest were packed for donation.
For me, the day’s highlight was my artistic and beautiful lunch plate. My sincere thanks to the team of three who made it possible: A brother-in-laws, Delavar (the shopper), a sister, Parto (the preparer) and another brother-in-law, Mike (the presenter/server)

I don’t think anyone has ever had a happier looking lunch plate than mine…

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