Deadlines Are Not Fun

July 6, 2010

At one time or another, we all come to experience the many pleasures of dealing with the dreaded deadlines. I don’t think anyone is sweet on them. In fact, it is just unnatural to like them.

Deadlines tend to either frustrate the heck out of people or simply bring out the worst in those unfortunate enough to be under them. The first thing to go seems to be sleep followed by serenity, good humor and any facial or physical expression resembling content and happiness. You lose some, you gain some- right? Beside stress and general frustration, one can expect  to gain unlimited amount of grouchiness, ill temper and deep set dark circles around the eyes.

It is not happiness to be around a person like that and is even less happiness to be the person meeting a deadline. As you might have guessed by now, I currently have a deadline.  In spite of being a cooler and more confident individual under this type of circumstances and contrary to what my sisters and close friends might think; I do feel the nagging pressure of deadlines and even get a tiny bit anxious in dealing with deadlines. My defense system consists of realistic planning, sticking as best as I can to the schedule I set for myself and most importantly, repeating over and over and …. again one phrase; “you can do it”. It is amazing how effective and powerful  reassurance, whether by others or by oneself, could really be.

Having said all these unkind words about deadlines, I am reminded that through an optimist’s eyes, everything has a positive side- even Dealines!

“A deadline is negative inspiration.

Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all.”

R. M. Brown

Anyhow, my deadline will be over by the 13th. One more week to go! 😈  I will be back to normal promptly after the midnight on the 14th. To all of you out there holding on tightly to your upside down smiles and deeply set frowns- Good Luck with Your Deadlines!

Remember that “goals are dreams with deadlines”.

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