Well- it is a tie actually— between Sicily and Switzerland.

Switzerland and Sicily got 35% each and Morocco received 30% of your votes. Since this is not a soccer match and cannot have penalty kicks to decide the winner; I shall make an executive decision and let Swiss win this match (the poor things had to go home very early on in the World Cup).

If you are traveling with family and small kids, do not want to be bothered with driving and renting a car, are a fan of trains, rather not plan ahead and do spare of the moment decisions, don’t want to spend too much time moving around, want to just sit back and relax while watching great scenery pass you by for a change, are in love with hiking and biking, can’t decide if Italian is your favorite or French or you might prefer bratwursts over both of them, want to breathe fresh and rejuvenating air, love mountains and cheese…, then Switzerland is for you.

So stay tuned for amazing pictures and learn how to plan your vacation to this picturesque country.

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