Happy 100th!

July 20, 2010

Last Friday’s blog post, made the total number of Living Amused posts =  100!

I know someone’s 100th birthday is a big deal or the 100th episode of a TV show is definitely a milestone and sign of success. Perhaps not as significant for a blog; but still putting together 100 posts is exciting and fulfilling enough to the author of those posts. Living Amused blog is only six months old and so far has managed to tell and share 100 stories, ideas, travel advises, recipes and photos. Starting this blog was a big undertaking in the sense that I had to tie down myself to it and I do not like to be tied down. In the beginning, I dedicated hours each day in comparing and studying software providers, themes and terminology as well as understanding how to design and self host my own site. What is an HTML code and how to read or write it? Plugins, Widegets, SEO, Akismet, Ajax, Buddypress(sounds good at least), Jquery, Adsense, Lightbox, Thickbox… Helloooooo, are we talking in English?????

These, once all “Greek to me” words, are now familiar terms that I use on daily basis in running my blog. My best friend often tells me, “God forbid the day you get bored!”. I have the Living Amused and my readers to thank for the fabulous, non-boring ride of the past six months. they have kept me on my toes and have had my brain working overtime.

I was looking over some of my earlier posts and comparing them to the latter ones. I do see improvement in all aspects from design to content and writing, and that makes me happy. Looking for and coming up with ideas for future posts keep me thinking and searching all the time  and most importantly, have made me realize that every moment and every opportunity could indeed be a “blog worthy moment”- a moment to capture, record, share and remember! Might sound funny or a bit cliché, nevertheless, it happens to be true. I pay closer attention to my surroundings, take pictures more frequently, gaze longer and deeper at the landscape and the sky and recite my favorite poems more often. I am just so much more aware of everything I come across or of anything that passes me by.

I once read somewhere:

“Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.”

I believe in that. I started this Blog to Live more Amused and perhaps inspire others to do the same. And wherever  it takes me for however long, the experience I take from it would be forever my gain.

P.S. Hopefully, I would still be optimistic and happy after the next 100 posts. Cheers to that and thanks for reading on!

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