Don’t you dislike projects that go on and on and on…?

I do, too.

2009 was the year I gifted only hand knitted items to my family.  Saving two, everything I knitted was of my own design and geared toward the recipient’s taste and/or specifications.

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However, there is one gift still on my needles. 😳

My sister’s birthday is in late December but from the beginning, we both knew she would not be receiving her gift on time. Why? It is really Parto’s own fault. I was going to make a shawl or something of the sort; but no-she wanted the cardigan. I warned her it would take a while and her response was, “that’s fine. I can wait.”.

Well, she is still waiting.

About the Cardigan

The yarn is lovely. It’s Noro’s Yuzen (56% wool, 34% silk, 10% kid mohair) in shades of green, bronze, charcoal and pink. Only the best for my little sis, you know.

The Yarn- Noro Yuzen

The weight is DK, so forget about it knitting up quickly.  The pattern I picked is called “Sophia” from the book, French Girl Knits, by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes. It is an elegant and lacy short sleeve cardigan knitted in two pieces and joined in the middle with a small pleat at the center back. Each piece is knitted from sleeve up to the center back, with front and back worked together (no shoulder seams). The pattern is Roman Stripe which knitted this way has a pretty vertical effect. The wide neck and front edges are done at the end in a twisted cable stitch.

The reasons I chose this pattern: A)I love seamless knits and B) the neck/front edge and the flow of the cardigan looked different and attractive to me.

Now, I give you my reasons (excuses) for still having this project on my needles:

10) Being away too often

9) The Blog- starting this project co-incided with launching of this blog

8) Making balls out of skeins (really)

7) Thinner yarn=Slower knit

6) The pattern- it just does not lend itself to mindless knitting

5) The size- it is not a little scarf after all.

4) My nephew’s birthday gift– had to knit something for the little guy

3) The Blog- did I mention this already? Well, I mean running the blog- it takes time, you know!

2) Design calls- exciting but also time consuming

1) Being too busy coming up with all these excuses!


Seriously (and honestly) though, I think in following a pattern I often become restless and lose interest. I just like to make up my own design and knit the garment one step at a time; most of the time not knowing what or how the body, neck line, sleeves or edges would eventually look like or be knitted. I know it sounds crazy and a little out there, but it is true. In fact, I cannot remember ever following a pattern exactly as per the instructions. I always end up altering the original pattern, a little or a lot.

I do have one side of the cardigan finished and the second piece is about 30-40% done.  I’m thinking maybe by Parto’s next birthday; it should definitely be off my needles.

Giddy Up!

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