…Or rather, “How do you like the layout of Living Amused Website?”

I have been toying around with different themes for this blog and have spent probably more time than I should have on this subject. Why? Because I really would like it to be user friendly and appealing to my current and future readers.

While most blogs are about one topic or theme, Living Amused covers different aspects of living. Some come to my site to read my travel stories while others like to look at pictures, read about family life or get knitting advise/patterns. That is why I chose a magazine style theme. It breaks down the Home/Front Page into categories and lists the latest posts under each which in turn saves readers’ time and -at least to me- makes the website user friendly and neat.

Secondly, I love pictures and always got attracted to website themes with more picture options. The current one does an O.K. (not great) job at that.H

The next issue is about control. What I can or cannot change or move around within the website/theme: 1 or 2 side bars- on the left or right, ad positioning, widget options, SEO optimization, fast loading or not, technical support…and the list goes on. I settled on the current theme because it filled a lot of gaps, but unfortunately not all.

I like:

The Banner on top of the page and below the logo- where I can write a special message, greet the visitors or make announcements.

Logo customization

The white background and simple typeset

Flexibility of size, positioning or eliminating advertising spaces

Flexibility of having the two sidebars on either side or move both to the right.

I don’t like:

Having two sidebars- I would like to only have a wider one which would also produce a wider post section and less need for scrolling page up or down while reading.

Better picture presentation/platform

Have better SEO optimization for search engines

Have lighter and therefore faster uploading theme

I am still searching for a solution and scanning the web for WordPress compatible themes that can bring a brighter smile to my face and hopefully my readers’.

Here is what you can do. Tell me (by leaving a comment below) about: what you like or dislike about Living Amused website? What makes it hard or odd for you to find things? Do you want to see less or more pictures? … Basically what makes you happier while on Living Amused.

Your honest -even unflattering- suggestions are seriously appreciated.

Thanks for helping the Living Amused to improve and evolve into something more and better.

© 2010, livingamused. All rights reserved.

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6 Comments for this entry

  • Parisa says:

    content is organized well but find the site a bit too busy.

  • Teladost says:

    I love the fact that your web site home page changes all the time. The part I don’t like about your web site is that I can’t cut and paste.

  • souzan says:

    dear living amused:
    funny you should ask this question i have been itching to put my two cents in but then again what do i know about blogging.
    first time i used the ” ask a traveler” section i missed the comment box several times i think it should be on top not bottom same as this.
    love to sit down and go over couple of more things you make the coffee and i’ll bring the opinion.
    disregard any misspelling thats why i dont blog

    • livingamused says:

      Appreciate the feedback. All the themes I have seen only allow comment box to be under the post but maybe I can find a way to make it “pop up” more. Coffee or tea is always on in my house :)

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