The Summer’s Bounty

August 31, 2010

Summer is my least favorite season.

This sounds odd for someone who enjoys planting stuff and watching them grow.

On the other hand, I always try to see things in a positive light.

So, let me start again: Summer is my least favorite seasons; but I do like Summer for its bounty.

Each spring, we plant our gardens and wish for every little bulb and seed to grow tall and healthy by summertime. All that can grow seems to be in such hurry to do so in summer- including the dreaded weeds. I am not sure how those living in winter-less climates feel about or view the changing of seasons. I have always lived in places with harsh Winters, hurried Springs, perspiring Summers and enchanting Autumns. Seasons force and bring about change. Perhaps, I have been lucky having grown up (and grown old now) in this type of climate; as I do like and welcome change. I believe anything or anyone standing still for too long would just cease to –truly– exist. Our minds as well as our souls feed on being  intrigued and challenged. To me, the perpetual shifts and challenges life throws our way and those we initiate ourselves; bring about balance within us and ultimately in our lives.

Anyhow, I was talking about Summer’s Bounty. As you might have read, I have been shopping at local farmers markets. It has actually become an addiction. Not only I enjoy buying the fresh vegetables, flowers, dairy and baked goods; I also love they way they grace my kitchen.


Every morning while having my coffee; I gaze at my colorful veggies and think about which would be the lucky finalists for that night’s supper. Inspiration can be found in things large or small and even in what we may consider insignificant. For now, my veggies are a big source of inspiration for me. I have been coming up with delicious recipes by just looking at them.

I told you, “there is always something good or positive about anything and everything- even in Summer, my least favorite season”.

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