Being Thankful

September 21, 2010

As the days of our lives roll away, we mostly let worries and doubts occupy our thoughts and seldom ponder about all that is good in our lives.

As I was taking an enjoyable morning walk with hurricane Shaboo this past Friday; I took some time to look around me and took notice of what I was thankful for…

1. the crazy,unpredictable N.E. weather -with 4 seasons of never equal lengths which I have been enjoying for the past 25 years of my life

2.  the beautiful Hudson river and the magnificent NY skyline which have become integral parts of my daily life and have kept me living right where I do

3. the lovely and ever changing flowers and gardens I pass by

4. the birds, cats, dogs and from time to time a deer or two crossing my path

5. good yarns, sharp tipped needles and the gift of knitting

6. for three amazing and fun siblings

7. for living close to those I love

8. for a dog that supplies me with the daily dose of energy and enthusiasm

9. for having what we all need: a true friend

10. and for having married my second best friend

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