My 1st Hand Knitted Gift

October 7, 2010

I have enjoyed making and gifting hand knitted items to friends and family for a while now. I am always excited about designing and knitting them and so very pleased to see them being worn or used by the loved ones. With the exception of my very first project, I have neither knitted anything for myself nor have received a hand knitted gift. Not even an square inch…up until last week.

We often find what we may be after in the most unusual and unexpected places. On our last night in Minden, Germany; my husband’s associate (and a dear friend),  invited us to his house for dinner. Klaus and Elka (his wife) took us for a drive around the picturesque countryside and we had a nice afternoon tea with a big piece of cake at an old coffee shop. I had only briefly seen Elka a couple of times before but never had a chance to get to know her. Even though my German is really poor and her English not perfect; we understood each other nicely. We kept pointing at different things and asked each other the relevant name in German or English. We later drove to their village where they were raised and had met for the first time.  They showed us where their families have lived for generations and finally we pulled into their driveway, at the end of a small cule-de-sac.  I liked the cozy and warm interior and the beautiful, zen like garden they had made together. But what took my breath away was the view. The house sits at the edge of a gorgeous and pristine piece of farmland that stretches out into the horizon. How great is that? No street noise, no brick or cement walls, no fences, no asphalt pavements…just the brown dirt, the crops and a tree or two in view. Oh, how quickly I fell in love with their house. Maybe one day I can find a little corner of heaven like that to make my own. Anyway, I volonteered to help in setting the table. As I was watching Elka prepare the food (which was so very delicious); I noticed an attractive and cheerful pair of red and white pot holders. As I was admiring them, she informed me that her mother is a good knitter and she constantly is making them for friends and  family. Aren’t they lovely? As we were saying goodbye, Elka left for a moment and re-appeared with a stack of pot holders in all colors of the rainbow. She asked me to pick a set. How exciting! They were all so perfect and pretty; it was too hard to pick only one pair. At the end, I chose the same red and white ones she had in her own kitchen (I would have taken them all if no one was looking). I hugged her and asked her to thank her mother for me. I felt like a little kid receiving a new toy. Good things do come to those who wait…quite unexpectedly and in the most unlikely of places. Finally, I received my first hand knitted gift and I am childishly overjoyed…

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  • Parisa says:

    They are beautiful and much better than anything I would have knitted you. Is there padding inside?

    • livingamused says:

      Hard to say but don’t think so. It feels thick enough to be practical and Elka was using them as pot holders.

      By the way, I would have liked to receive your hand knitted gift no matter how it looked.

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