Our Magical Place

October 27, 2010

There is a very special place in my heart for where is commonly referred to by all members of my family (sisters, brother and their gangs) as Upstate.

The owners of this little haven are Parisa and Mike (my sister and her husband); but in practice, Upstate belongs to all of us. To describe it, I have to start as Sophia always did in the Golden Girls: Picture it, present time, the United States, New York State, a half hour away from Norwich stands an itty bitty village where the downtown consists of a simple white church, another church turned into a cozy library, a small and run down building serving as the Town Hall and a cute rustic General Store which is also the focal point of the whole place. Our Upstate is in a valley with harsh, long winters and short lived, sizzling and humid summers.

Our Upstate is not huge and holds a hundred something years old house, a barn, a couple of sheds, a pretty garden and a beloved fire pit/stone BBQ. It is bordered by a less traveled dirt road, a beautiful horse farm and a babbling creek. The front porch overlooks an open field which leads down to the winding creek and more hills and valleys in the distance and is a favorite spot to sip wine while watching the sun go down or observe the fireflies dance the night away or even on occasions, spot a deer or two.

Our Upstate is a place where we let our hair down (not necessarily washed or brushed), taking a shower is optional and dress code has no significance. It is where the dogs and kids roam free, adults do whatever they want and avoid what they don’t like to do. It is where the only compulsory things are nightly star gazing and the Saturday rice and kabab dinners prepared on the wood fired BBQ followed by roasted marshmallow.

Our Upstate is a place that brings smile to our faces, opens our hearts and casts serenity on our souls. It is a family place…it is a pretty magical place.

Mike, the Owner in Fee

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