My Kind of Halloween

November 1, 2010

I llllllove  everything about the Fall including its greatest gifts: Halloween and the Thanksgiving

I truly enjoy preparing for and decorating my house for the holidays. I try my hardest to collect hand made or semi hand made decorations. Unfortunately, finding such outside the U.S. is much easier than doing so domestically.

My nieces and nephew are my invaluable little helpers in getting the decorations out and spreading them all around the house.  Arman, my 6 years old nephew, has become my biggest fan. He eagerly decorates every inch of their home as well (contrary to his parents who share none of his decorating enthusiasm). We deposit little bits and pieces of ourselves in our kids. Somehow I have managed to do the same in my sisters’ children.

Here is how my house looked this year on the outside and in…

click on pictures to enlarge

The ugly witch, jock-o-lantern girl, friendly broom-stick witch and dancing owls  are the most beloved decorations. I do make a simple yet yucky and ugly cake to complete the celebration. For treats, I usually go for semi-healthy options and try to find little fun activity cards, stickers or such to include in my trick or treat bags. With Halloween falling on Sunday this year; we got quite a traffic. I love opening my door to scary monsters and friendly cute faces of trick or treat-ers.

But all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow, I shall say goodbye to my Halloween pals and put them, one by one, to their annual rest.

Hope you had wickedly fun Halloween!

my sweet monster

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