Feeling So Lucky

November 3, 2010

Knitting has been increasingly an important part of my life for the past 8 years or so.

I picked up my old red metal needles -resting peacefully for quarter of a century deep in my closet- on an instant impulse while driving by a yarn shop. Having learned knitting in Iran as a child, I did not know any knitting terms in English and had never read or followed a knitting pattern before. As I stepped into that little yarn shop in Fort Lee, NJ and began to chat with the shop owner; my eyes started wondering around while my brain struggled to make sense of what my ears were capturing: What are those odd looking needles attached to each other with a plastic thingy called? What makes them so special. What the other funny looking short ones are used for? A skinny scarf? What is a skein? What again? knit, purl, gauge? What do all these man? I just want a ball of yarn…I just want to knit again!

Go ahead, smile or laugh out loud. But that is exactly what I experienced and how my love of knitting re-grew.

How does one go from being so embarrassingly out of it to becoming so in tune with it. How does the same one become a so called designer… not only creating knitting designs; but also writing them down as patterns in a format resembling mathematical equations or theories? How can the same person actually become published? Determination, enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, luck…? I am still not clear on how, but somehow, I have done it!

I started designing and knitting stuff for my family just to knit and be creative. But up until a few months ago, I had no plans to become a designer nor I had submitted any design, anywhere. Nevertheless, here I am. One of my designs will be featured in an upcoming book titled “60 Quick Baby Knits” due to be out in Spring of 2011. The other one -really out and up there- in the Spring/Summer issue of the Vogue Knitting magazine.

I am truly honored and humbled by all this. Moreover, I feel indebted to a few very special women. My friend/”teach”, Aurelia Elder, whose cheerful and kind face made me look forward to our Friday afternoon knitting ritual and inspired me to widen my knitting techniques and projects. Aurelia also introduced me to Elise Henry who invited my sister and I to a chance meeting at the Bergen Knitters Guild one Monday in April 2010. She also dropped me this kind and much appreciated line in an email: “…I see great things for you. :) “.  Next in line to thank is Ms. Carla Scott (my chance meeting), editor in chief of Knit Simple magazine and the executive editor of Vogue Knitting who took an interest in my work and with a big warm smile spoke this memorable words to me; “perhaps, one day you would design for me”.

However, none of these -and I mean none of these- would be possible without the support of another great woman in my life: my very own sister, Parisa. She was the first person who saw any potential in me, singed us up for an evening knitting class with Aurelia in Edgewater’s Community Center and finally pushed me that important night to go with her to the Bergen Knitters Guild meeting where she pushed me once again to introduce myself to Carla Scott. When I received that blessed e-mail notifying me of my design acceptance; Parisa was the first person I called. I asked her whether she was sitting down and then gave her the great news. With excitement in her voice, she plainly stated; “That is great but I am not surprised. I am not surprised. I have been telling you …”.

Nothing is possible without one’s own perseverance and work. Be that as it may, supportive and inspiring friends and family … well, they are simply priceless.

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