Thanks for Thanksgiving

November 15, 2010

The most wonderful holiday of the year is less than 2 weeks away.

Thanksgiving is when the two important things in life are celebrated: Family and Food

In my family, we all pull together to prepare the Thanksgiving Feast and as the head of my family 😕 , we gather at my homestead for an evening of fun and gobbling.

Step number one is for me to send a list of  items to cook , bake and bring to the attending family and friends who in turn mark those to be responsible for and email it back to all. Afterwards, I start thinking of dressing up the house and choosing Linens, dishes, flowers, candles, decorations and entertainment.

There is this game we have been playing at Thanksgiving for many years now. Young and old love playing it even if some are reluctant to admit to it. I buy/gather nice and not so nice stuff, ranging from a crystal vase to a sack of potatoes, and wrap them up- one for every guest not including myself. The kids write down numbers from 1 to total number of players minus one (moi). Then the so called “gifts” are placed on the table and each player draws up a number. The game starts with “number 1″ person picking a gift and unwrapping it. Number 2 gets a chance to take the opened item or open another one and this goes on until all packages are opened. The fun lies in the fact that there are very few of the “nice stuff” and plenty of “not-so-nice stuff”; so everyone fights over the more desirable gifts. By the end of the game, we laugh so much that our faces hurt.

At the end, what Thanksgiving really means to me is to eat and laugh with those I love and enjoy the moment. My sincere thanks to those that once upon a time established this fabulous holiday!

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