I re-lived over a decade of my life in an hours’ time as I looked over my albums the other day.

I have spent the past 10 Christmases/New Years away from home. As lovely as it is to be around family and friends during this festive time of year -I must admit- traveling has been a fabulous addiction and time truly well spent. For my husband and I, globe-trotting is our way of re-charging and reconnecting while observing how life is lived in other corners of the world.

I will be re-counting a few of these holidays away from home over the next few days left of 2010. Lets count back to year 2000 , the much anticipated and often feared millennium. Our first trip to the Far East and Japan:

  • outside the Royal Palace, Tokyo
  • Bullet Trains
  • lighting a candle at Senso-ji Temple
  • all sea creatures grilled, Senso-ji Temple
  • Ground Zero, Hiroshima
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • the best 5-course Oyster dinner, Hiroshima
  • views from the hilltop of Miyajima Island, a sacred site of Shintoism & Buddhism near Hiroshima
  • the tamed deers, Miyajima
  • a rest stop along a hiking path, Miyajima
  • inner gardens of Heian Shrine (Shinto shrine), Kyoto
  • the Golden Pavilion (Rokuon-ji), Kyoto
  • at the entrance of the Golden Pavilion

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