My Favorite Yarns To-Date

January 18, 2011

Like many knitters out there; I have an addiction… a yarn addiction!

How do I know that I am addicted?

  • I stop for yarn shops anywhere, anytime
  • I actually research and look up yarn shops before and during traveling
  • I surf the net -more often than I should- looking for exciting yarns and new sources
  • I buy yarn without knowing what I shall do with it

All addictions have their price and mine is not an exception.  I have accumulated a yarn stash that can keep me occupied for an entire year, perhaps more. Although (thankfully) there is still a world full of yarns to discover; I know what I do not like: man made or as I call them, fake, yarns

I know there are much better choices in this category than ever before; still I don’t like them. Having said that, in rare occasions and when essential to improve construction of a project, I make my peace with them.

Now, what are my favorite yarns? That’s easy- Merino, Alpaca, Como straight up or in combination with each other, any other wool or silk, cotton and bamboo. While some solid colors are stunning, I tend to pick variegated hand spun and hand dyed yarns over them. Their unexpected and ever changing colors feast my eyes and fuel my hands.

As my search for sensational and inspiring yarns continues; I am bound to find new favorites. I just hope my fingers can keep up with my growing yarn stash.

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