The Sin

August 1, 2011


The Wall (Deevar), Forough Farrokhzad’s second volume of verse, was published in 1956. It contained twenty-five poems which mainly talk of love, lovers and wishful thinking.
Deevar was dedicated to Forough’s former husband: “in memory of our shared past, and with the hope that this worthless gift of mine can be a token of my gratitude to his boundless kindness.”

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The Sin

I sinned a sin full of pleasure,
In an embrace which was warm and fiery.
I sinned surrounded by arms
that were hot and avenging and iron.

In that dark and silent seclusion
I looked into his secret-full eyes.
my heart impatiently shook in my breast
In response to the request of his needful eyes.

In that dark and silent seclusion,
I sat disheveled at his side.
his lips poured passion on my lips,
I escaped from the sorrow of my crazed heart.

I whispered in his ear the tale of love:
I want you, o life of mine,
I want you, O life-giving embrace,
O crazed lover of mine, you.

desire sparked a flame in his eyes;
the red wine danced in the cup.
In the soft bed, my body
drunkenly quivered on his chest.

I sinned a sin full of pleasure,
next to a shaking, stupefied form.
o God, who knows what I did
In that dark and quiet seclusion.

Translated by Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak, Remembering The Flight


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