The Bewitching Halloween

October 27, 2011
I started loving Halloween when my sisters started having kids. Before then, Halloween was about avoiding the house or keeping a bowlful of candies for trick or treaters.
Now, I love Halloween and look forward to its arrival every year. Yap, the kids have bewitched me into liking this wickedly fun day.

Over the years, I have invested a small sum in buying unique and preferably reusable Halloween decorations. The kids help me with decorating the house; but I do keep the new decorations for myself to put out. An element of surprise is a highly valuable one around Halloween.

My treat bags this year are filled with a few, but awesome treats. As always, they include something fun/cool to have/do (stickers, small activity booklet, pencils, etc.) and a good quality, all natural treat. I think spending a bit more on wholesome treats is a worthwhile effort in keeping away the curses of angry parents. I like giving out treat bags because they are darn cute and kids seem to have more fun receiving them.
For my special trick or treaters, I pack lots of fun as well as goodies in reusable bags.
At the end of the day, we usually have a simple supper with my sisters and their family. This year, I am having a true Halloween Party. The weather promises to be nice and we are firing the wood burning BBQ in the well decorated backyard.
As with most things, a little imagination, a bit of work and a solid will to make it all happen are all one needs to find fun in most everything.
Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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