My nephew, Arman, is now 8 years old. On kids birthdays, feeling nostalgic is unavoidable. One always goes back to the beginnings -when they were just born- and quickly works one’s way through the years that have followed and finally lands on the present. I remember as a child, I would hear the adults talking about their kids growing up and verbalizing this “down the memory lane” trip quite often. I thought they were so melodramatic and blissfully silly.

Today, as I was making a rather tasty and quick Egg Taco sandwich for breakfast;

and wearing it too —-

I did exactly the same. I also started taking stock of the knitted items I have joyfully made for this sweet boy.

No. 1, Model 2005

The very first Vest in the series. I bought the yarn on one of my Upstate New York drives in a tiny and wonderfully messy yarn shop near Cornell University in Ithaca. An Italian made, self striping woolen yarn- very fine and soft! I put Arman’s first name initial (in Farsi) on the back.

No. 2, Model 2009

I switched to a cardigan for this birthday. A cozy and lovely downtown Seattle yarn shop was where I found my refuge on a rainy day and the yarn for this project. The wonderful sheen and pastel colors of this all cotton yarn by Louisa Harding was what attracted me at first. The yarn being on sale was the second reason and closed the deal. I bought whatever they had in the two colors I was interested in. Once the cardigan was finished; I had no more than 3 feet of yarn left. Very close call! Arman was into tractors and farms and I took the concept to heart. I also knitted in his first name and age on the bottom fronts. The back had nice details, too.

No. 3, Model 2010

The second vest was designed around Arman’s new obsessions- Castles and Kangaroo Pockets. He liked to -and still does- carry his little toys around; safely tucked inside the kangaroo pocket. The cotton yarn made in Peru by Cascade Yarns in four colors was purchased locally in Fort Lee.

No. 4, Model 2011

Another Cascade Yarn, Sierra (cotton with a touch of wool) was chosen for this third vest in the series and in honor of the ever important 7th birthday. I liked the colors and texture of this yarn which was bought from a nice little shop in Wyckoff. As Arman’s love affair with kangaroo pockets continued; I had to once more incorporate it into the design.

No. 5, Model 2012

To get the ball rolling on this year’s gift, I laid out my yarns, grouping them according to weight and asked Arman to pick his favorite colors. It took him very little time to settle this. The winner was Classic Elite Sprout in organic cotton. As I sat up my swift and ball winder in the kitchen to ball up the skeins; Arman offered his assistance which was gratefully accepted.

Now, it is my job to knit up something nice for him. Since I have 3 colors to work with and only 3 skeins; I can only -and barely- knit an economically attractive vest for Arman. Stripes are in the horizon…

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