Good To Be Wrong

August 9, 2012

Those who know me know that I am always right. They know it and I know it, too.  Always means often than not, right?

I have enjoyed the reputation and the fringe benefits associated with it. My tools are simple ones-good common sense, honesty, untainted logic and firm grasp of reality. They keep me rooted and prevent me from running away from the truth (as it exists, not the way I wish it to be).

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. — James Garfield

As kids, we are quickly introduced to fairly tales; perhaps to teach us how to dream and to prevent our childhood innocence from withering away too quickly by the grim realities of life. Don’t get me wrong. I adore fairy tales. I have even shared them with my nieces and nephew and amazingly enough, still remember most of them.  But at one time, hopefully sooner than later, we must snap out of them in order to grow up and hopefully become wiser- to build a a real life and maybe even a good one.

In dreams begins responsibility. –Yeats

Some of the deepest holes to dig in life are wishing and waiting for things to happen the way we expect them to. Leaving the most important things to chance is never a splendid idea. We need to give chance a chance. The first step in changing the undesirable elements in our lives is by acknowledging and seeing them –wide eyed- the way they exactly are; not the way we wish them to be.  Nothing in life is fair. I don’t know why we expect fairness in everything and from everyone and yet, seldom exercise the same. It is great to be fair in our thoughts and deeds toward others; but we need to be fair and honest with ourselves about our-very-selves. And that is as much as we can expect do with “fairness”. Of course, honesty is another thing we generally don’t put into public or self practice. Inherently -unless we are evil- we love to present things in pretty packages with giant bows on top. It is easy to be honest when admitting to what is genuinely nice or pleasing. To deal with not-so-nice, we quickly arm ourselves with the white lies and paint the truth in every which color necessary.

Also, not to be forgotten is logic- one of the most important benefits of being humans and an essential item to pack in our life’s journey. But somehow, we prefer to keep it at low profile.  I think most look at it as either unattainable or a mere fantasy.

If we must model life after fairy tales; let us do it in a more realistic style- the Brothers Grimm style. Their tales include all the usual suspects; the beautiful prince and princess, the evil queens and beasts and the mean siblings as well as your standard fairies. They do have their dark, grim sides though which make them the most realistic of all fairy tales. Perhaps, because they stem from the lives of generations of Central Europeans. At crossroads of life, we may de-value our lives or think we have very little to lose. There is always more to be lost and an unhappy person can grow unhappier. If we don’t do things for good reasons; we don’t give ourselves a fair chance to succeed in them. To be happy, we must first believe we can be.

I did not intend to write such a long and somber post. Since written words sometimes have a better reach than spoken ones; my goal was to admit one thing. Although I am often right, once in a while, I can be wrong. And rarely, I would like to be wrong. As I can recall, I have wished to be wrong only three times in life. Now, I would like to be wrong again. It would be so good to be wrong. 

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