Well Kept Promises

December 2, 2012

This has not been an ordinary fall for us. No Halloween to dress up for and no Thanksgiving to cook for! The beginning of the season was pleasant as usual, the middle was partly dark and unusually volatile and toward the end, it shaped up to be rather- the most excellent season.

By nature, I am not a pro-wedding-ceremony type of person. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Months of careful planning and hard work go into organizing a few hours of celebration.  And yet, there are many variables that can make or break this special night. Hit or miss, weddings are memorable.

My brother’s wedding was a memorable hit. It was a fabulous night of making new acquaintances and enjoying a long overdue family reunion. There was nothing but joy and laughter in the air and that is what wedding celebrations are and should be all about.

In life, willingly or not, we make many promises. We (my siblings and I) made a willing promise to my parents to take good care of each other. It has been a long bumpy road; but we have managed to make good on our promise.  While I witnessed my brother and his wonderful bride making the same promise to one another; I felt my mom and dad were somehow present there. For a moment, I even had an image of them bearing a blissful and contented smile.

To all new beginnings and to happy lives full of meaningful and well kept promises…

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