The Invigorating Norooz

March 19, 2013
Art Credit: Shadi Manavi

Art Credit: Shadi Manavi 

Days and months can come and go. I may grow older and older. A couple of white hairs can turn into a handful and soon enough, into a headful. But through it all, at least once every year, I feel childishly energetic and full of life and hope. This wonderful feeling never gets old and gray.

Isn’t it wonderful to celebrate the New Year and New Beginnings while being in total harmony with nature? As the trees grow new leaves and branches; we can spread our wings and let new ideas and passions grow in our hearts and minds. As the spring rains melt and wash away the snow and dust; we can cleanse our thoughts and hearts of all that is bad and sad. We can be like a spring bulb- fresh, innocent and full of life and hope again.

Persian New Year or Norooz literally means “a new day”. It encourages all to trade off bad for good, learn from their mistakes while turning a band new page and to work on becoming a better person.

I wish “Good words, good thoughts and good deeds” for myself and all those I love.

نوروزتان پیروز، هر روزتان نوروز

“May your Norooz be victorious, May all your days be Norooz”

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