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September 17, 2013
The Vintage Tote Deborah Norville-snuggle up in Cuddle Fleece- 16 fast & easy knits in fleece yarn (© 2013 Mixed Media Resources LLC, photo:Jack Deutsch)

Vintage Tote by Halleh Tehranifar
Deborah Norville-snuggle up in Cuddle Fleece- 16 fast & easy knits in fleece yarn
(© 2013 Mixed Media Resources LLC, photo:Jack Deutsch)

When I was first contacted by the publisher for this assignment; I was both excited and skeptical. They liked one of my designs but wanted me to make it work for an entirely different type and weight of yarn. Liking new challenges; I told them to send over the yarn and I shall make it work. Once I opened up the package they sent me and saw the yarn; I knew I was in for a bit of work!

My original design was for a felted bag. Felt-able items require woolen yarns. The yarn I got was 100% Polyester. Therefore, I had to start from square one. I am very biased when it comes to yarns. As much as I love natural fibers, I do not like their synthetic counterparts.  But this yarn had a beautiful colorway that reminded me of the gorgeous tones of the familiar and beloved Iranian mosaic works.  Another winning aspect was the cuddly and soft(as the name suggests) feel of the yarn which also seemed to be a sturdy choice for a knitted tote.

So, with all the above in mind, I started the work on this project while completely changing my design to suit the yarn. Half way through the bottom panel, I found myself actually enjoying the project. And once it was all done; I took a deep cleansing breath- with a silly smile on, I was admiring my own work!

Vintage Tote_D-Norville (6)-WebL

The Tote- Two bags in one- Although the pattern is written for right and wrong sides; both sides of the finished bag are attractive. If finishing touches are done neatly; the bag can be used on either side. There are very minor sewing/seam work to be done as well. The shape is the inspiration behind the name “vintage”. I just love this look for any size bag. And everyone would love the fact that this is a notion-less project. Nothing except your basic materials/tools are needed. Even the lofty handles are done in I-cord which happens to be one of my favorite finishing techniques/details. 

Iranian Mosaic Work

Iranian Mosaic Work


I like my designs to be practical and serve the purpose they are intended for. The stitch patterns are carefully chosen for this tote to reflect the same. Not only they are used at the right places to add strength, definition or beauty; they are also chosen to suit the attractive color variegation of the yarn. The end effect is a combination of highly texturized and fluid pattern against mosaic-like panels.

The Stitch Patterns- Let’s not count how many, but how I love thee…  Vintage Tote_HT

No worries- They are all easy enough. Cross my heart and hope to die!

So, go ahead and if you are in the market for a fabulous tote- make a wise choice and give the Vintage Tote a chance.



Vintage Tote_D-Norville (7)-WebL

P.S. Although my tote did not quite make it to the front page; it did land on the back page.


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