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Cheesy Veggie Dog Treats

I started baking homemade treats for my dog because I never liked the strong smell of store bought ones. I also wanted to minimize preservatives and fat in her diet. In the beginning, I followed recipes exactly. Now, I make my own recipes based on ingredients my dog likes and are good for her. I also try to use organic ingredients as the benefits far surpass the nominal price premium. This is a fast and easy recipe to make. Basically …Read More

Louise, Our New Red Haired

Louise, Our New Red Haired

Louise is the newest addition to our “Family Dogs”.

She is only 8 weeks old and was adopted by my brother and his better half from the North Shore Animal League. Louise is intensely cute and playful…

First Impressions> All dogs meet

First Impressions> All dogs meet

Mini, the new addition, met our other two family dogs, Shaboo and Friday for the first time yesterday. After a brief growling (by little Mini), they started to run around and play.

Major Snow Storm In NY and NJ> 02.10.2010

Major Snow Storm In NY and NJ> 02.10.2010

February 10, 2009, 1:00 pm

Everything is covered deeply in snow and it is still coming. So far, about 6-7 inches.

An Adoption Story

An Adoption Story

Today, I accompanied Parisa (my sister), Mike (her husband) and Arman (my nephew) to a Grand Opening of Petsmart.

We went for two reasons: 1) to support a non-profit animal rescue group and 2) My sister’s family recently lost their fabulous dog of 16 years, Java and they were getting ready to adopt one…


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