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Arman’s Vest- Model 2012

My nephew, Arman, is now 8 years old. On kids birthdays, feeling nostalgic is unavoidable. One always goes back to the beginnings -when they were just born- and quickly works one’s way through the years that have followed and finally lands on the present. I remember as a child, I would hear the adults talking about their kids growing up and verbalizing this “down the memory lane” trip quite often. I thought they were so melodramatic and blissfully silly. Today, …Read More

Arman’s Valentine’s Day Drawing> 2011

Arman’s Valentine’s Day Drawing> 2011

Since they were very small, I have asked my nephew …Read More

The Day Before Thanksgiving
Kodak Moments

The Day Before Thanksgiving

No matter how well and far in advance I prepare myself for Thanksgiving, the day before is challenging and super busy. My wings (husband) usually takes care of most items on the shopping list. My time on this fine day is spent on…
Our today’s pretty artwork is by Arman done when he was only a tiny 1 year old cute boy. The turkey is the outline of his hand.

4 Days to Thanksgiving
Kodak Moments

4 Days to Thanksgiving

Only 4 days left to Thanksgiving. This must be a cruel joke.
On the up side, we have a cute drawing by Arman to cheer us up. He believes (contrary to his parents) that this is a “grrreat” drawing…

8 Days to Thanksgiving
Kodak Moments

8 Days to Thanksgiving

Just a day over a week left to the big day.

Today’s countdown to Thanksgiving art work is by my 6 years old nephew, Arman


    Lacy Wrap
    Noro Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014

    Wrap Skirt
    Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2012

    Triangle Top
    Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2010

    Baby Shale Dress
    60 Quick Knit Baby Essentials (Book, 2015)

    Happy Sheep Vest
    Knitpicks, online download, October 2014

    Swinging Leaves Snood
    Creative Knitting, September 2012

    Bolero Jacket
    60 Quick Baby Knits (Book, 2011)

    Fields of Spring Cardigan
    Creative Knitting, March 2012

    Afterthought Picot Edging (Article)
    Creative Knitting, March 2012

  • Sweet Tee
    Kit Simple Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015

    Lacy Leaves Snood
    60 Quick Luxury Knits (Book, 2014)

    The Adaptable Scarf
    Knit Picks IDP (2014, Online Download)

    Gypsy Shawl
    LivingAmused/Ravelry, online download, 2013

    Vintage Tote
    Snuggle Up with Cuddle Fleece-16 fast & easy knits in fleece yarn (2013, Booklet)

    Eyelet Bobble Scarf
    Knit Noro Accessories:30 Colorful Knits (Book, 2012)

    Little Leaves
    Creative Knitting Magazine Presents:Wraps, Capelets & Cowls (Magazine, Fall 2014)

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