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Starchless Egg Souffle

Those who know me are aware of the fact that my forte does not lie in doing the same routine or traveling the same route.

Every one in my family is absolutely in love with fresh eggs. Whenever we make it to my sister’s place in Upstate New York, the very first thing is to buy farm fresh eggs. In my constant search to bring new life to the same old ingredients -including the beloved egg- I developed this amazingly simple, yet delicious and impressive egg recipe. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner and anything in between. Three bonuses to go with it: Zero Starch, Very Little Fat & Next to Zero Clean Up!

The Homewood Duck> Update> And Then There Were…

The Homewood Duck> Update> And Then There Were…

My husband and I had been checking during past few days to get an update on the status of the eggs but each time were met with not-so-friendly mom. Finally today I was able to get a look and my jaw dropped as I kept on counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
I took a couple of quick pictures and re-counted the eggs. I was wrong, there were 8 of them.

The Homewood Duck

The Homewood Duck

As my husband puts down his water bottle on a large planter by the entrance to answer a text message; the duck suddenly rushes over and parks herself on the planter. And that’s when he notices three eggs resting safely under the evergreen bush in the planter…
Isn’t it amazing how mothers always find a way to care for their young- even at a crowded and noisy place as a hotel’s entrance.


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