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New Design- An Adaptable Scarf

It is with great pleasure to announce that I have joined the Knit Picks Independent Designer Team.  I have been a long time fan of their needles and affordable array of yarns and it feels just right to marry into their family- so to speak. As a designer, I salute Knit Picks for providing a great platform for designers to design more freely and be directly involved with the knitting public. Now about this design- Defining Words: Elegant, Versatile, Transitional, …Read More

Something New> Last Minute Picot Edging

Something New> Last Minute Picot Edging

In the process of finishing a design call, I might have made a small contribution to the knitting craft.

Like many knitters, I have often traded my knitting needles for a crochet hook when finishing a project. The main reason for me to do so is that most knitted finishing patterns -especially the more intricate ones- ask for a certain number of stitch multiples. In reality, when picking up stitches around a cardigan, a shawl, etc.; arriving at the corresponding multiples of 5, 8, … stitches could prove to be a difficult task…I came up with this scalloped edging after looking up various available patterns and not liking most for the project at hand. The few I did like were either too complicated or I could not smoothly pick up the required number of stitches.
So, my solution was to put together this easy to remember and knit patten…


    Lacy Wrap
    Noro Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014

    Wrap Skirt
    Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2012

    Triangle Top
    Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2010

    Baby Shale Dress
    60 Quick Knit Baby Essentials (Book, 2015)

    Happy Sheep Vest
    Knitpicks, online download, October 2014

    Swinging Leaves Snood
    Creative Knitting, September 2012

    Bolero Jacket
    60 Quick Baby Knits (Book, 2011)

    Fields of Spring Cardigan
    Creative Knitting, March 2012

    Afterthought Picot Edging (Article)
    Creative Knitting, March 2012

  • Sweet Tee
    Kit Simple Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015

    Lacy Leaves Snood
    60 Quick Luxury Knits (Book, 2014)

    The Adaptable Scarf
    Knit Picks IDP (2014, Online Download)

    Gypsy Shawl
    LivingAmused/Ravelry, online download, 2013

    Vintage Tote
    Snuggle Up with Cuddle Fleece-16 fast & easy knits in fleece yarn (2013, Booklet)

    Eyelet Bobble Scarf
    Knit Noro Accessories:30 Colorful Knits (Book, 2012)

    Little Leaves
    Creative Knitting Magazine Presents:Wraps, Capelets & Cowls (Magazine, Fall 2014)

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